Vase and Planter Exhibition

go to site Apply to the Vase and Planter exhibition being held April 23 at Baker Hunt Community Center!

go No jury process and $5/entry for Clay Alliance Members (Up to 3 entries)

Event/Application Details

here The show will be held Sunday, April 23 from 12-5pm at the Baker Hunt Community Center in Covington, KY.

Viagra Canada Price The exhibition will be centered around work that holds plants, flowers, or any type of botanical arrangement. You can submit vases, hanging planters, ikebana, bonzai, or any other piece you have made especially for showcasing greenery and flowers. The show will not be juried and everyone is encouraged to apply with up to 3 pieces ($5.00/piece for clay alliance members and $10.00/ piece for non- members)

Discount Brahmin Handbags The work will only be displayed on the day of the show and all of the work will be available for sale (if you so choose). Instead of a gallery percenatge that gets taken out of sales, we are donating 20% of the sales to Baker Hunt’s scholarship program that helps provide financial help to low- income families that are interested in taking classes at the center.

Kjope Proscar Online There will be a central check-out location for any purchases and artists will be sent checks after the show.

Art work will need to be dropped off one week before the show at either Core Clay or Queen City Clay. Any work that is not sold will be taken back to those locations for the artist to pick up the next week.

We are inviting a few florists/ flower farmers from around the area to join us the day of, and possibly use some of the vessels to display their goods. We are also encouraging the artist to bring an arrangemnt the day of, or drop off the artwork with a plant already in the pot. (THIS IS NOT REQUIRED JUST A SUGGESTION)

I am still looking for volunteers or members that are interested in being on the show’s committee!!

Please contact me at if you are interested in helping with set-up or clean-up the day of, helping with advertising and social media, poster- making and design for the postcards, running the central check-out, coordinating the florists, and getting the pieces and name cards together the week before.

THANK YOU so much for those who have already volunteered!

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