Ohio State Fair 2016

Hi all – a number of clay exhibits held in conjunction with the 2016 Ohio State Fair:

The Fine Arts Exhibit will feature a ceramics program “A Ceramics Perspective” – see postcard below.  This exhibit is open to Ohio residents exclusively.  A fuller prospectus detailing the event will be posted to the Fine Arts page sometime in March (http://ohiostatefair.com/fine-arts-2/) .  There are also opportunites to sponsor awards – starting at just $250 an individual or organization can sponsor – and be part of the selection process for the award.

Secondly there is an opportunity for clay sculptors to have their work exhibited in front of the Cox Fine Arts Building for the duration of this year’s fair:

Clay Artists are invited to submit a proposal to have their sculpture displayed in front of the Cox Fine Arts Building at the 2016 Ohio State Fair. Your sculpture will be on display for the duration of the fair: July 26 (Opening Reception) through August 7, 2016.

Pertinent Info & Dates:
~ Artists should send a short bio, images of their work and a description of the installation (if you have work already completed – submit images of it)
~ The work should be able to withstand weather and external elements
~ Proposals will be accepted now through Friday, June 3rd
~ Notification of the accepted work will be June 6
~ Artists are responsible for installing and removing their sculpture

Please send your proposal to:

Chaz O’Neil
Assistant Director, Fine Arts. Ohio State Fair & Expo

2016 FA Postcard FINAL PROOF GG

2016 Sponsor Benefits 12-14-152016 Sponsor Benefits 12-14-15



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