Van Gilder Workshop March 19 and 20, 2016 Click to see PDF with details.

source site The Functional Pot Tips, and buy cialis Tools & Techniques

follow site Just some of the tips, tools, and techniques to be demonstrated:

Kanada Levitra Bestellen follow link Wheel-throwing

  • Efficient hand positions for throwing
  • Lid arrangements and form
  • Spout, rim and lip making
  • Trimming and foot finishing
  • Faceting and fluting as decoration
  • Handles and lugs; pulled and hand-built
  • Bottle forms and collaring techniques
  • Dinnerware, squared and oval bakeware
  • Wet, thick slip decoration

Viagra Usa Overnight Delivery Hand-building

  • Oval platter and squared plate making
  • Foot attachment possibilities; slab, sprigged & coiled
  • Textured decoration; wet slip, pressed, and resisted textures High Off Mobic Sample of forms 

  • Pitcher and pouring pots
  • Cups, mugs and bottles
  • Dinnerware, bowls and casseroles

Workshop Fees


Student or CA Member $150
Non-Member $200

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