Please use the calendar! Or ‘advertise’ events on the website!

Many events are coming up and even Up Coming: a CA sponsored Mayco workshop; the Holiday Fair application deadline; probably a meeting or loiter about a swimming pool; a workshop while some of us are at various ART FAIRS LAURA; and, eventually, a warning about timelines for Empty Bowls.

Please use the calendar–so easy, right here, has dates and everything, even says 2014–to alert and remind us of What is Happening, what we missed (because someone did not put it on the calendar), what is DUE….when. It is so much more easy to look up the calendar than Search and scroll through Email(s).

If possible and I don’t know if it is, include contact email or name….

Yours for Simplicity amidst the mass of Stuff (and I don’t know how to use my google calendar, puh-lease…I think it is Public),

Jancy Jaslow


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