Time to Promote Your Show

Mail Order Pharmacy Cialis Don’t forget to use our Clay Alliance Calendar to promote your upcoming pottery shows. After you log in, go to the top “black” admin bar and click on Events.

click AddCalendarEvent

http://prohealthplans.ca/?llt=Ciprofloxacin-Online-Uk-Edition&c47=41 Fill in what info you want to show on your page. You’ll even get a map/directions generated if you choose that. Here is my sample event. You can tell i’m not a good marketer, since I didn’t write much.

Buy Priligy While writing your event/post, on the right side, you can choose the category “pottery for sale”. When done, be sure to click the blue “Publish” button.

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http://eurm.or.at/?qg=Can-You-Buy-Proscar-Online&5c7=59 Bonus Instructions: It is likely I won’t be able to “disable” the extra EVENT type, so if you see the gray side bar, use the EVENT in the red circle, or the EVENT link at the top bar (again in red circle). Do not use the one that is “x’d” out in red (with the pushpin icon).

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